Adriana Santiago

Name: Adriana Santiago
Year: Senior
Sport: Field Hockey
Hometown/High School: Souderton, PA/Christopher Dock
Specs: 2012: All-ODAC First Team; 2011: VaSID All-State Second Team, All-ODAC First Team, ODAC All-Tournament Team.  Started 68 of 69 games in her career, finishing with 31 goals, 20 assists (t-20th in EMU history) and 82 total points (18th in EMU history).

What is your major?  What do you hope to do?

Kinesiology & sport studies major with a coaching minor.  I’d really like to get into personal training with some coaching on the side.


What originally made you choose to come to EMU?

At first I wasn’t really sure, as I was deciding between soccer and hockey in college.  I was pretty set on going to a Mennonite school, and so once I made the decision to play hockey that (college) decision was kind of made for me.


What has it been like playing field hockey here?

It’s been the highlight of my four years here.  Sports have always been what I look forward to.  They get me through my school years.  The coaching staff has been fantastic my four years and the team has been a lot of fun, so it’s been a huge highlight of my four years.


What has it been like being both a student and an athlete while at EMU?

For me, (I think) a lot of people have trouble balancing those two.  But I find I do better when I have hockey to help me schedule things.  While it’s a bigger time commitment than in high school, it’s never been overwhelming and I’ve enjoyed the routine that it’s given me.   I’ve never had to decide between the two.  EMU has also maintained that we are student-athletes, and so if I’ve needed to miss a practice here or there I’ve been able to.


You leave tied for 13th in EMU history in Career Assists, and 18th on the Career Scoring List.  What does it mean to you to have your name listed among so many of the great players from the program’s history?

It’s definitely exciting.  I’ve put my heart into sports my whole life, and it’s nice to know that all of my hard work and effort have paid off.  I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished.  And while I’m sad that it’s over, I’m happy that I’ve been able to be successful and enjoy it at the same time.


What are one or two things you have learned from playing field hockey at EMU that you will take with you when you leave?

I’ve learned that attitudes and relationships can affect a team no matter how good you are.  Being successful is more than just talent; it’s being able to work together as a team.  And leadership.  I was having to be in a role I never thought was a strength of mine, but I’ve learned a lot the last two years being a captain, both on and off the field, on how to deal with things.