Royals Athlete Of The Week: Emily Price

Royals Athlete Of The Week: Emily Price

Freshman Emily Price (Hampton, Va./Homeschool) has seen a great deal of success in her young career for the EMU field hockey team.

Emily grabbed her first hat trick in a contest against Notre Dame (Md.) last Sunday pushing her to a Royals Athlete of the Week honor.

“One of the personal goals I had set for myself was that I wanted a hat trick sometime within the season, which seemed totally unrealistic,” Emily said on the accomplishment.

Emily completed the hat trick late in the second half, with both of her previous scores coming early in the first. The freshman also added an assist to her incredible performance.

Emily saw herself playing a part for the team this year, but did not see herself grabbing the amount of playing time that she has had.

“This year not only am I getting substantial playing time, I have started (all) of the games,” Emily stated. “Being successful as a freshman isn't the norm and is something that most people don't experience so I feel honored that I've been able to impact my team from the beginning.”

So far this season, the freshman has scored five goals, leading a balanced team attack.

More times than not, the transition from high school to college athletics spells hardship for an athlete. Emily has seemed to cope well with the change in competition, but still takes notice of the change in competitiveness.

“The transition from high school sports to collegiate sports has been more challenging than I first expected,” Emily said. “In high school, I played travel ball competitively but even from that, college level play was still a big difference in competition.”

The team as a whole has seen early success, already beating their win total from last season with the victory on Sunday.

With a mix of under and upperclassmen, the field hockey women hold a balance of veterans and new talent, with many of the freshmen seeing substantial playing time to start their careers.

“With having a team that is equally divided between first year players and veterans, it has been an interesting start to the year,” Emily said. “As first years, we've had to come in and step up as leaders.”

Emily’s high school life went about in a unique way with her not attending a public school, but being home schooled instead.

The change from a home school to a classroom education could be seen as something hard to cope with, but Emily has been able to transition well in the academic standpoint of being a college student-athlete.

“From being homeschooled to going to a university is not as different as you would think,” she said. “With being homeschooled, it's very much self-taught which is similar to college academics.”

Emily looks to continuing her stellar start to her young career as the Royals continue conference play moving forward in the season.

--- by Jake Brown, Sports Information Intern