Royals Athlete Of The Week: Hannah Daley

Royals Athlete Of The Week: Hannah Daley

In any sport, a trait that can be seen as significant for a single player is being versatile on their select playing field. Senior field hockey player Hannah Daley (Lothian, Md./Southern) has shown her versatile nature during her time at EMU and that trait has been extremely useful for her team.

On Senior Recognition Day, after being recognized for her hard work over the past four years, Hannah saw time as goalie for the first time since 2015. Despite the loss against Virginia Wesleyan College, the senior showed her defensive capabilities and played well, notching nine saves in the 3-2 decision.

“My first game back in the cage I was nervous, but once I put on my pads I was calm and confident,” Hannah said. “Goalie was a position I knew how to play without thinking about every little thing I do.”

Her confidence showed, as she was able to hold the strong Virginia Wesleyan offense to just three goals, which is no small fete.

While not having a set position can seem to be a tedious job, Hannah has been able to grab ahold of her role and take it in full stride each day.

“Many days I show up and I do not know the position I am going to play until my coach tells me,” Hannah stated. “I am not in love with a position but with sports. To me field and goal are two different sports with their own joys and struggles.”

Hannah describes her main position being in the cage, but has played a great deal of time in the field in order to give offensive-specific players a break.

“I have always been seen as goalie and my team purpose had to switch when I started playing field,” Hannah said. “I served my role on the team as an energetic field player to give my teammates fresh legs. I will play any position for my team.”

Being a versatile player is not the only role that Hannah has taken on as one of the three seniors on a team with nine new players. Being a leader on a young team is a task that Hannah has taken on fully, and with being one of the two four-year players on the team, she understands what it takes to be successful in a competitive ODAC and what it takes to be a selfless player.

“I want to set an example of a Christian student-athlete that cares more about the team than myself,” Hannah said on her leadership role. “I have embodied the growth mindset theme that my coach has inspired in our growing season.”

As her senior campaign is winding down, Hannah’s competitive nature will never fade away, according to her.

“I want to be playing until the day I die,” Hannah said. “When I cannot participate physically in local leagues, I will do competitive Sudoku or something. You could say I am competitive.”

Hannah looks to her time as a student-athlete as a part of her growth throughout college.

“I have no regrets,” Hannah stated. “Being an athlete has taught me things beyond what the books can about being my true self and a respectful teammate. It’s lessons like these that we come to college for.”

--- by Jake Brown, Sports Information Intern