Royals Athlete Of The Week: Emmanuel Boamah

Royals Athlete Of The Week: Emmanuel Boamah

Eastern Mennonite University has a longstanding rivalry with Bridgewater College and in last week’s meeting, for the second straight season, Emmanuel Boamah (Alexandria, Va./West Potomac) scored the game-winning goal.

“It felt great,” Emmanuel said. “It’s always good to score against your rivals. It felt really amazing. To win, to come from behind and win, was even better. We’ve done that two times in a row. I’m not saying we should get used to that but it’s always good to come from behind and then just win.”

Emmanuel has come up big in big moments, as the defender has scored all three of his goals over the last two seasons against the Eagles.

The win against Bridgewater was a good morale boost for the EMU soccer men.

“It meant a lot because we had just lost the previous game and we did really terrible in that game,” Emmanuel explained, “but we knew we had to come back stronger, play better, be focused and then win some games.”

The senior also played a key defensive role in the team’s Saturday game against Messiah College. The Messiah men’s soccer team is top-ranked in the nation and EMU held them to their lowest score of the season.

“Emmanuel had a great week last week by scoring the game-winner against Bridgewater, and put forth a strong defensive effort against number one ranked Messiah College and the nation's leading goal-scorer Nick West,” said Head Coach Roger Mast, summing it up.

Emmanuel is entering his last collegiate soccer season and, in a word-

“It sucks!” Emmanuel said with a laugh. “I mean, knowing you’re about to be done with college and then you’re gonna miss your teammates and you have to watch from the sidelines- it’s just not fun, but you have to enjoy it while it lasts.”

Soccer runs in the family for Emmanuel. He started playing when he was just two or three years old, following in his father’s and older brother’s footsteps. Now Emmanuel keeps playing to be a role model to his younger brother.

“It’s just me and him,” Emmanuel said. “I try to be better, and I try to give him something to beat every time, set goals for him to beat every time. I try to be better and then I try to help him be better than I am.”

Emmanuel also has goals for the team this season- namely, to make it past the ODAC Quarterfinals.

“But hopefully we go all the way and win and then get into national tournaments.”

Emmanuel is a kinesiology major with a coaching minor and he hopes to continue to work with student-athletes after he graduates, potentially as an athletic trainer.

“Maybe, maybe, maybe get into PT school,” he added, “but that’s just my second option.”

Until then, Emmanuel will continue to enjoy his last season of soccer.

“Emmanuel is such a gifted athlete,” said Coach Mast, “and plays with strong passion and leadership in every game that he plays."

-- by Elizabeth Nisly, Sports Information Writing Intern