Royals Athlete of the Week: Ginny Sorrell

Royals Athlete of the Week: Ginny Sorrell

The Eastern Mennonite University women’s volleyball team finished the season at 13-13, claiming the first .500 season since 2001. A big reason for that was one of the shortest Royals.

With 13 players on the roster, five-foot three-inch senior captain Ginny Sorrell (Spotsylvania, Va./Spotsylvania) demonstrated a relentless approach in her final season as she helped lead the team to the most wins of any EMU team since 2001. Ginny continued to give strong efforts through the end of the season, coming up with a season high 16 digs in the four-set win against Goucher in the final week.

“I ultimately think our small roster created a very strong bond between the team this year. The chemistry was not forced and it showed on the court,” said Ginny. “I feel like there is more passion and determination to win now, compared to my first season. Our record was the best it has been in years, and I believe that the program is making steps in the right direction.”

“Ginny is a very consistent defensive player,” said Coach Carrie Bert. “She reads opposing hitters well, naturally placing herself in a position to make the dig. She is fantastic across the back line in the middle back position.”

Ginny added, “Every year was a little different, but I was willing to play whatever position benefited the team as a whole the most. As each season went on, I continued to feel more confident in middle back. My coaches taught me how to read the player’s arm swing, as opposed to just watching the ball. I think this is what helped me learn to read the opponents better.” 

Over the years, she has strived to become more confident and consistent on the court. Ginny realized how much better she played when she maintained a steady confidence in herself. 

“She has always been willing to learn, ask questions, and be utilized where she is most needed,” explained Coach Bert. “Having a player who embraces a role and leads through showing flexibility is invaluable as a coach.” 

As the only second year captain on the team and the player with the most in-game experience (356 sets), the team looked to her for leadership. She faced some struggles figuring out how to best lead the team, but through these experiences, Ginny became a strong leader.

“I don’t naturally have a loud voice or anything,” Ginny said, “so it was challenging figuring out how to lead the team in the best way. I just kept reminding myself that the team voted me as captain for a reason, so I should be confident and embrace the role.” 

Although the team had the best record in 18 years, they fell short of making the ODAC Tournament. 

“Not making the tournament this year was probably one of the biggest downfalls to the season,” Ginny commented. “It was one of our main goals as a team, but we fell short after a few important losses. Although it was a tough part of the season, I’m happy with the effort everyone put in all the way to the end of the season. I didn’t feel like anyone gave up.”

As Ginny will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in Math, minoring in economics, she is still unsure what type of career she will have after graduation. She hopes that her future somehow involves sports because volleyball has always been a big part of her life and she knows that she will miss it.

-- Bri Miller, EMU Sports Information Writing Intern