Royals Athlete Of The Week: Madeline Mast

Royals Athlete Of The Week: Madeline Mast

Senior Madeline Mast (Lancaster, Pa./Lancaster Mennonite) has been a consistent, four-year starter for the EMU field hockey program. Madeline is known for her resiliency and commitment, on and off the field. Although she has experienced changes in coaching staff, line-up, and even classroom endeavors, Madeline’s strength continues to shine through.

The biggest change for Madeline came when Coach Stick (Ashley Kishorn) became head coach at the beginning of her sophomore season. 

“Coach Stick has also been really intentional about making students and faculty more aware of the field hockey team. Field hockey has definitely become more of a presence on campus over my four years, ” she said. 

“Coach really emphasized lifting in the season, and especially in the off season,” Madeline added. “The addition of a lifting program has become a big part of the field hockey culture. It has helped us become more competitive against other ODAC teams.”

This season, Madeline was asked to move to a defender position. Despite her initial apprehension towards being a part of the defensive line, Madeline trusted the judgement of her coaches.

“The entire coaching staff is great!” Madeline said. “They are completely dedicated to growing the program. Playing defense was a really big adjustment for me. I don’t remember playing any position, besides midfield, until the beginning of this season.” 

After the first few games, the team made some adjustments and now Madeline is back to playing in the center midfield. She said, “I am more comfortable in this role and feel like my skills and abilities are being utilized best in this position.”

“She does not tire and will play entire games, playing endline to endline. With this, she provides the team with consistency and a solid presence in the center,” said Coach Kishorn. 

Madeline is one of three captains on the team. As the only four-year senior, Madeline shows leadership and tries to be there for the underclassmen.

“As I relate to underclassmen, I always try to think back to my years as an underclassman and remember what I personally appreciated about those seniors back then,” she explained. “I try to be as approachable as possible by checking in with them about classes and by showing interest in their lives. I also hope that I can be a good role model of dedication to program we’ve been trying to grow. I’ve obviously stuck it out for four years, and I hope they all do too!”

After graduation, Madeline plans on furthering her education to attend graduate school for Physical Therapy.

Madeline is the epitome of a Division III athlete who successfully balances work, four years to her sport, and a difficult Biology major.

-- by Bri Miller, EMU Sports Information Writing Intern