Since its beginning in 1978, the Royals Club, formerly known as the Loyal Royals, has contributed over $200,000 to athletics at EMU. With the generous support from members, the endowment fund continues to grow. This makes it possible to provide items like a steam pack hydroculator for the training room, a new squat rack and seated calf machine for the student fitness center, awards at the athletic banquet and special receptions for the athletes. Contact our office to request a brochure!

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The Royals Club is the sponsoring organization for the Hall of Honor which annually inducts former athletes, teams and administrators into the Hall and/or retires athletic jerseys.

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The major fundraiser of the Royals Club is the Paul R. Yoder Sr. Golf Classic, which is held each year in the fall.

Word of Appreciation from Dave King, EMU Athletic Director
While the focus of athletics is often on the players and coaches during a contest, the impact of intercollegiate athletics extends well beyond that to the institution, parents, alumni and local community. The African proverb that says “It takes a whole village to raise a child” has direct application to EMU athletics. It is the efforts of many people that creates the opportunities for growth and development of young people through athletics.

The Royals Club has found many creative ways support to EMU athletics. Many members are themselves former athletes and know how much their athletic experience added to their education. Others are parents of current student athletes who are witnessing the value of the athletic experience in adding to what they began teaching in their homes years ago. And others are members of the community who believe in our mission of developing young people through athletics.

There are numerous ways Royals Club members provide support. I welcome their counsel as I give leadership to the athletic program. Their prayers on behalf of coaches and student athletes is greatly appreciated. They attend games lending support and encouragement to players and coaches. And they provide significant financial support for many activities that help us provide a quality athletic program that represents EMU in positive ways. I am deeply grateful for the Royals Club and invite you to become a member and add your support to a very valuable part of the EMU mission.
-Dave King, Athletic Director