2017-18 EMU Basketball Developmental Schedule

Developmental games are scheduled to provide younger student-athletes the opportunities to both gain competitive experience and improve their skills. The Royals believe these games provide an essential experience to aid in player development. Student-athletes that play in developmental games are not considered "JV" members of a program; rather, they are active members of the NCAA varsity roster that may not get as much playing time at the varsity level as their peers.

Eastern Mennonite University basketball is focused on developing our players and maximizing opportunity. With only five players on the court at any one time, the developmental games give additional competitive opportunities for younger players and those that may be recovering from an injury. All players are considered to be part of the Eastern Mennonite University basketball family and are also able to participate in varsity contests. First-year players are not automatically assigned to developmental games.

2017-18 Developmental Schedule


Fri 1 - Massanutten Military Academy - 4:00 pm - Home


Sun 21 - Washington Academy - 3:00 pm - Home

Sun 28 - Washington Academy - 3:00 pm - Home

Mon 29 - Fork Union Military Academy - 7:00 pm - Home


Thur 1 - Fork Union Military Academy - 7:00 pm - Away


Sun 12                              Frederick C.C. (DH)                                                      H                         12:30 pm

Mon 13                             Bridgewater                                                                     A                           3:00 pm

Wed 22                             Ferrum (DH)                                                                  H                          1:00 pm

Sun 26                               Hagerstown C.C. (DH)                                                  H                          12:30 pm


Thu 2                               New River C.C.                                                                H                          3:00 pm

Thu 16                             New River C.C.                                                                H                          4:00 pm

Sun 19                               Danville C.C. (DH)                                                           H                          1:00 pm

Thur 23                            Bridgewater                                                                    H                          4:00 pm


Thur 6                              Castleton Univ                                                                 H                           4:00 pm

Sun 9                                Hagerstown C.C. (DH)                                                     A                            1:00 pm

Thur 13                             Danville C.C. (DH)                                                            A                            3:00 pm

Mon 17                             Bridgewater                                                                      A                           4:00 pm