2020 SPRING SENIORS: Softball

(photo by Scott Eyre)
(photo by Scott Eyre)

With the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling the spring sports season, the seniors of EMU's spring sports teams missed out on their Senior Recognition Day. These young men and women deserve to be honored and celebrated for their years of learning and growing as a Royals student-athlete.

EMU Athletics is running this special series as a way to recognize them, allowing each senior to speak for themselves as well as their coach to share about them.

The third article in our series celebrates the softball team and their lone senior, Cassidey Chrisman.

Cassidey was a key contributor during her three seasons in the program. She played in 85 games over her career and was a regular on the ODAC All-Academic Team. She missed her sophomore season due to injury, but plans may be in the works for her to make a return to the team next spring.

Cassidey Chrisman

~ Staunton, Va./Riverheads

What is your favorite memory of being a Royal?

My favorite memory as a Royal is the team this season. The bond this team had was incredible.  All the laughs and great times we had together is something I'll always remember.

What is something you have learned about yourself while at EMU?

Something I learned about myself while playing softball here at EMU was mental toughness. Having an injury and rehabbing to play again was something physically and emotionally hard to go through. I learned that sometimes things aren't going to be easy. I had to stay focused on my goal of getting back on the field again.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to do my student teaching this fall, and there is a possibility that I will be returning next season. I am waiting to hear back from my coach on a few things and we will go from there.

Coach J.D. McCurdy says:

Cassidey has been a "Rock Solid Leader" for our softball program. No matter how tall the task you could always count on Cassidey to meet the challenge. She was an outstanding example of a team player.