EMU Triathletes Swim And Run At Davis & Elkins

Emma Hoover has a strong run and was EMU's top finisher. (photo by DoCo Photography)
Emma Hoover has a strong run and was EMU's top finisher. (photo by DoCo Photography)

Eastern Mennonite University's triathlon women were back in action on Saturday at the Senator Splash-n-Dash, hosted by Davis & Elkins.

The event, which featured only a swim and run, was low on pressure and high on continuing the process of building the Royals' newest program.

With the format of a 300-yard pool swim followed by a two-mile run, Emma Hoover (New Carlisle, Ohio/Tecumseh) took the spotlight for EMU, finishing fifth among female collegians in 20:48. She passed half of the field during the run, including all three of her teammates.

Lydia Chappell Deckert (North Newton, Kan./Newton), Mim Beck (Woodstock, Vt./Archbold) and Leah Lapp (Lowville, N.Y./Beaver River Central) each had stronger swims but settled back during the run.

Although not part of the competitive portion of the day, the women joined host Davis & Elkins' athletes on a bike ride after the swim and run, giving the Royals an experience at biking on a hilly terrain.

The next meet is two weeks away – the Tri at the Trump. That race is Sunday, Oct. 6, in Mooresville, N.C.

Senator Splash-n-Dash
Top Finisher:
Emma Hoover – 7th (20:48)
Full Team: Lydia Chappell Deckert – 10th (22:35); Mim Beck – 11th (23:35); Leah Lapp – 12th (24:30)

Assistant Coach Joanna Friesen said:
This was a great low pressure event for our athletes to connect with another triathlon program and work on their swimming and running.

The swim was in a pool and was a good opportunity to hone swimming form outside of the tumult of an open water swim environment. The run was hilly, and offered an opportunity to work on racing on challenging terrain. The athletes were eager to compete and continue to learn and grow in their new sport.

After the competition, we went on a bike ride with the Davis & Elkins team, and it was a scenic and fun time to connect with another program's athletes. They were very hospitable and all around it was a great experience.